Efficient solid-state  microengines for UAVs that achieve flight Times and payloads unrivaled by batteries and fuel c​ells

Due to weight limitations of engines, small aerial vehicles must rely on lithium polymer batteries that result in disappointing flight times and payloads. Reebeez presents a propulsion ​system powered by thermoelectrophotovoltaics (TEPV) that runs on lightweight combustible fuels to attain specific energy eight times better than lithium polymer batteries - at a third of the cost.

The Total Addressable Market of small commercial drones is expected to exceed $5 billion in just five years! However, lithium polymer battery development isn't measuring up to the rapid growth of drone technology. Our microengine is a platform technology that can be applied to small UAVs - or any machine that requires power - and achieves unrivaled flight times and payloads.